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A Masterpiece

Providing you with maximum flexibility, Smilli offers a comprehensive solution that takes care of everything you'll need to convert your home into an energy-efficient haven.

Featuring a lithium battery and hybrid inverter, Smailli's units provide maximum durability, safety, and energy, all integrated into a single unit.



Quality and reliability are always our top priorities at Alfa, and we don't cut corner.



Smalli Energy module is the most synchronized energy system available. It guarantees a fail-safe energy system with multiple levels of backup.

Digital Smart system 


With its advanced integrated software and hardware,  Smilli is perfectly suited for smooth grid transition in situations where backup systems are required and a reversal is unnecessary.

sitting room


smart energy chain

Smilli is essentially a straightforward remedy for addressing your energy requirements, and you can begin with a small-scale approach, gradually expanding to a network of 8 substantial energy sources. The concept is versatile and can be applied to residential as well as commercial settings, such as business establishments, event centers, offices, and apartments. This is a friendly way for you to satisfy all your energy requirements.


Our team offers full support for alfa warranties beyond the warranty period.   We prioritize product quality and take pride in it, alfa warranty is always supported by our team even after expiry.

10 year limited warranty 


 No messy wires, no hot parts, no clutter and safe for everyone, Smilli is designed for the whole family.


Real-time intervention and maintenance can be done wirelessly through the mobile app, ensuring convenience and safety for the whole appliances.


Connectivity features consist of Bluetooth, wifi, cables and an upcoming improved Bluetooth range with a smilli smart gateway.

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whats in the Module                                               Inverter /mppt and battery

Battery Capacity (kWh)                                         4.1kWH

Inverter  Capacity (kVA)                                        3.0kVA
Single Module Efficiency                                      95% round trip efficiency    
Expandability                                                            Up to 8 modules
Dimension (HxWxD mm)                                       840*470* 180mm
Weight (Kg)                                                               77.3kg
DOD%                                                                         100%
Cycle Life                                                                  Up to 6000 / 25°C
System Protections                                                 BMS, curr/cir breaker, fuses

MPPS charge controller                                          4kWh/ 40A
Accessories                                                              Wifi device/smart gateway...

 Refer to product manual/datasheet to learn more about your model of smilli.   

All data is subject to change without prior notice; always ask for the most recent datasheet and manual before purchasing. No part of this document can be copied or reproduced without written permission of Alfa.

Customize settings
for personalized values. 


Ensures continuous connection and receives instant alerts..

Visibility on the overall energy consumption of your home

mobile app
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                       smilli                                                2                                                                     4                                                                               6

Battery System Capacity (kWh)                       8.2kWh                                                               16.4kWh                                                                 24kWh

Inverter system Capacity (kVA)                          Optional/inverter capacity can double with batteries or remain the same (customizable).

Working Temperature                                                                                                (°C)-20   +55 *

Discharge Temperature /°C                                                                                           -20 ~ +55

Charge Temperature /°C                                                                                                  0 ~ +55

Charge / Discharge Current (A)                                                                                      40A+1

Humidity                                                                                                                              -----

DOD%  (Up to)                                                                                                                     100%

Module Output                                                                                                 Fully integrated AC battery system


An energy zilla!

smilli All in One may come to you in a convenient size, but it packs a major energy punch.

  • 8.2kWh capacity on each floor – from a dual module

  • Expandable to 8 modules each floor, able  to deliver 24.6kw and more

  • Ability to deliver an enormous 9kVA+ of inverting power into your home

Invest in a premium home battery, at an affordable rate and the best possible flexibility plan.

Investing in our smilli All-in-One will not only provide long-term energy cost savings, but also promote sustainable living and energy independence. Additionally, you'll have access to a world class cutting-edge technology.

Power anywhere with Smilli

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